BIT Fest 2.0

Date: 29/11/22 To 30/11/22
Time: 1.00Pm To 4.50 pm

BIT Fest 2.0 is an event that aims to promote the importance of technology and pop culture and how both have affected the advancement of one another throughout history. Pop Culture has more than often predicted and influenced the future of technological advancements. Technology incorporates cultural exchange between people and promotes globalization. There would be a technical workshop on the first day that would help us gain knowledge on technical development and taxation. There would be an event with three sub rounds on the second day promoting how to develop business strategies.
Day 1 will also consist of two workshops, a workshop on technical development titled “Technovation” followed by a workshop on taxation in India titled “Monopoly”. Day 2 will consist of three sub-rounds, a story building round name “Contrive” with technical keywords which is followed by an Anti thesis round named “Paradox” and lastly the “Sus & Sell” round where the participants identify an object and persuade the panel members to buy it using
their business strategies.