Udaya Kumar S

My child's journey at NHCE has been truly transformative and has exceeded all our expectations. From the very beginning, the college demonstrated a genuine commitment to the overall development and well-being of their students. The faculty and staff are not only highly qualified and experienced but also incredibly approachable and supportive. They go above and beyond to ensure that each student receives personalized attention and guidance, fostering a nurturing and conducive learning environment. One of the most impressive aspects of New Horizon College of Engineering is their focus on practical learning and industry readiness. The college has state-of-the-art laboratories, advanced equipment, and collaborations with industry partners, which provide students with hands-on experience and exposure to real-world scenarios. This approach greatly enhances their skills and prepares them for successful careers in their chosen fields. New Horizon College of Engineering has truly exceeded our expectations as parents. The college's unwavering commitment to academic excellence, practical learning, and holistic development has not only shaped my child's future but also given us the confidence that they are well-prepared for the challenges of the professional world. I am grateful to the entire New Horizon staff for their dedication and for creating an environment where students can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Appaji Mahidhar

My daughter completed CSE successfully during 2019-23 and placed under campus placements. The hostel facility is good particularly for girls. The library is exceptional. The college not only provided quality education but also taught my daughter how to handle any situations independently.

N Koteswara Rao

I am extremely delighted to share my experience as a parent with New Horizon College of Engineering and its Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department. The college has provided a good platform for my child's academic growth and overall development. The faculty members are knowledgeable, and dedicated to imparting quality education. The CSE department at New Horizon College of Engineering has exceeded my expectations in terms of the curriculum and its relevance to field. The faculty members employ apt teaching methodologies and ensure a balanced blend of theoretical concepts and hands-on experience. The college also provides students to gain practical skills and stay updated with industry trends.The college also offers good placement opportunities, with reputed companies visiting campus regularly and providing promising career prospects for the students.

D Venkatesh

NHCE has a very good environment with great infrastructure. The teachers in CSE department are very friendly and gives each student individual attention. Overall, the growth of my son has increased manifold in this duration.

Vishnu Shankar Chaubey

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and provide feedback as a proud parent of a student enrolled in New Horizon College of Engineering. I am delighted to share my thoughts and experiences regarding the facilities, curriculum, and the overall environment at your esteemed institution. First and foremost, I would like to commend the college for the outstanding facilities provided to the students. From the moment my ward stepped onto the campus, we were impressed by the well-maintained infrastructure, modern classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, and extensive library resources. The college has certainly created an environment that fosters learning, creativity, and innovation. Thank you for your time and dedication. I look forward to witnessing the continued success and progress of New Horizon College of Engineering.

Somanath N

As a parent, I am highly satisfied with New Horizon College of Engineering. The quality of teaching and expertise of the faculty are impressive. The curriculum prepares students well for their future careers. The college ensures a safe and inclusive environment. The range of extracurricular activities is great too. The college excels in industry collaborations and placements. Overall, I have the confidence in college's ability to provide a quality education.

Sridhar korada

As a parent, I am truly grateful to New Horizon College of Engineering for nurturing my child's intellectual, social, and personal growth. The college's unwavering dedication to academic excellence, exceptional infrastructure, inclusive community, and career-focused approach have all contributed to a remarkable educational experience. I wholeheartedly recommend New Horizon College of Engineering to any parent seeking a transformative educational journey for their child.

Chanchal Roy

As a proud parent, I couldn't be happier with my child's experience at New Horizon College of Engineering (NHCE). The college's commitment to academic excellence, modern infrastructure, and strong industry connections have truly impressed us. The faculty's expertise and the practical learning approach have prepared my child for future success. NHCE's emphasis on placements and internships has opened doors to amazing opportunities. Overall, NHCE has exceeded our expectations and provided our child with a well-rounded education. We highly recommend NHCE to any parent seeking a college that truly cares about their child's growth and success.

Vishwanath G Salimath

As parents, we couldn't be more grateful for the transformative experience our child has had at college. The institution has not only provided an exceptional education, but has also fostered personal growth, intellectual curiosity, and a strong sense of community. The dedicated faculty and staff have nurtured our child's talents, challenging them to think critically and pursue their passion. The college's inclusive and diverse environment has broadened their horizons, encouraging them to embrace different perspectives and engage in meaningful discussions. Moreover, the robust extracurricular activities and opportunities for leadership have allowed our child to develop invaluable skills and make lifelong friendships. We are truly impressed by the college's commitment to excellence, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to any aspiring student seeking an enriching and transformative higher education experience.