Date:26/10/2021                                                                                                                     Time: 10 AM – 3:30 PM


Mobile App Development Club from the department of Computer Science and Engineering, New Horizon College of Engineering, conducted their first event on 26-10-2021 at 10.00AM in the CSE department.145 students attended the event.

The event consisted of 3 rounds and they are as follows:

Round One:  Quiz it

Round Two:  Buzz it

Round three:  Battle it

The first round included topics covering mobile app technologies in the form of MCQs, jumbled words and crossword. Twenty-four students were selected for the second round; it consisted of advanced technical words for the game of dumbcharads and the buzzer round out of which ten students were selected for the last round. The first part of final round consisted of logos to be guessed by the participants. Followed by a presentation round for the second half. Winners were selected on the basis of their performance.

The winners were declared as follows:

Prayukthi Winners-

1st place -Gagan P


2nd place– Jayavibhav nk


3rd place-Shushank Balaji Reddy